When we got married last year, Jeff and I decided that we wanted two main types of gifts – something  permanent or something consumable (er, booze). We were inspired by other friends who had requested art and began looking around for what might be appropriate. One of my childhood friends, John Mobilio, has become a painter living abroad and I’d always harbored a desire to own some of his work. However, I wasn’t certain what Jeff would think. After going through John’s gallery, we found two pieces that “matched” and that would fit well with the colors in our house. So many of our friends gave us money as a contribution towards this. In November the paintings arrived from Germany and we made the rounds talking to different places to get estimates for framing. Framing is still one of those handicrafts, especially for this type of artwork which are old nautical maps painted in oil. Up close you can see the actual notations people used for various routes – which meant we had to be very careful how we did this. The finished product arrived tonight.

We’re so happy to have these up on the walls. Thank you again to everyone.

Elbow Factory & Chief Tipsy Cloud by John Mobilio


Athos Le Chien loves them too!


Athos and John Mobilio Art
Athos Le Chien with Elbow Factory

4 thoughts on “Art!

  1. Ha! Nancy :) It’s hard when you live in a small place. Be rest assured, it’s mainly the kids who work on that desk. For me, it’s merely a place to hold stuff until I need to use it.

  2. Unbelievable coincidence that we know the same person!?!? I know John Mobilio from my days in Athens, Georgia. I was fortunate enough to be at one of his early coffee-house art shows. I wasn’t smart enough to get one of those early paintings, but I’m hopeful that I’ll smarten up and get one for my walls soon enough.

    1. Eric, it just makes me so happy. The world is a small place and the fact that we can both celebrate the same person’s wonderful art makes it all the better. Come visit and see them sometime!

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