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Carla Borsoi

Carla in a yellow dresss

When I’m not doing the business thing, this is me:

City dwelling naiad. Instigator of social interactions. Detective of life and living. Mentally stimulated. A joy to be around. She/Her.

In my spare time, when we’re together, I run around with my kids seeing punk shows, am married to this great guy, imbibe (virtually) with Ladies Advocating Respectable Cocktails, enjoy movies at least twice a month, read and rate books, and constantly socialize. I love wandering on long walks, absorbing and seeing something new everyday. Constantly learning is key – so if you have a book club, I’ll join it, if you want to go check out a lecture, let’s go hear it, if you’ve got something that needs to be discussed, let’s gather over a beverage or two and talk about it.

I like to nerd out and optimize even my personal life – so spreadsheets are not just for work anymore. Several side projects include a neglected blog (, advising and working with stealth and early stage startups, and mentoring up and coming marketers.

More frivolities and finery here.

Past and future speaking appearances enumerated here.

Ok, ok, but how does this relate to being a business alchemist?

It’s all about finding the magic in the things you do, seeing the magic in others, and finally, ensuring that magic is real.