glamour inn: Bargain Shopping for Amateurs, Part 1

glamour inn: Bargain Shopping for Amateurs, Part 1

First off, I have to say, Alice has fantastic fashion sense. She always looks of-the-moment and unique. That’s a really good combo. She’s previously blogged about some early 80s icons providing her with some hooks for what she feels is her personal style (in my words, a blend of thrifty, layered, colorful garb with lots of skirts.)

Her advice below is all dead on, but adding in a few notes of my own. My fashion sense is entirely different. Which is okay, fashion should be personal. My preference would be to wear dresses every day in bright colors. However, even I have those moments where I roll out of bed and don the jeans and t-shirt. My only concession to any sense of Fashion on those days is to avoid sneakers. Sneakers are for exercise, not for being out and about. That’s my bag.

As Alice says

… work your own look, whatever that is.

My additions:

a) Always be shopping. I shop all the time. This doesn’t mean I buy all the time. This gives me an opportunity to really keep my eyes open for bargains, pieces that feel like me, and to stay current with trends.

b) Keep an eye on your closet. She points out that you should get rid of ratty stuff. My rule is one in, one out. I tend to have a very small set of clothes in rotation (maybe 6 – 7 outfits) and then go on to new things. This way there’s always something I like.

c) Don’t buy clothing with the idea of losing weight to fit into it later. Buy it so it fits now. Second aspect of this is to buy clothes that fit, or alter them so they do. Within reason. No one is going to be able to take a size 12 dress and turn it into a size 4 without losing most of what makes it unique.

I probably have more. Alice, thanks for sharing, this is great!


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