How is it mid-April already aka Carla’s life changes

Whew! 2013 has certainly started off with a bang, so many new things happening and so many good ones, too!

March was a typical swirl of prep and attendance at SXSW. For those of you who participated in our panel on BS business talk, the notes are at This will take you to a Google doc, with a re-cap of the articles we found on the topic, along with the results of our “translation” exercise. Remember, when in doubt, “call me!” seems to be the rallying cry.

April 1 was also my last day at AOL. During my days there, I was proud to work with many different teams – especially on mail and mobile products. It’s a treat to see Alto out there in the world, especially in contrast to some of the other “inbox zero” products. (If you want an invite, let me know!) However, it is time to take all that experience working on new product development and put it to action with a smaller company. So, off I have gone to a startup in San Francisco, where I’m working on everything from product designs, to figuring out the right mental model for a user, to thinking about the right marketing messaging. The group of people is more experienced than I am, so it’s a real treat to be learning and absorbing more.

This also means I’m in San Francisco every day. Catching up with people seems to be what defines April and May this year. So call me and we’ll have coffee, or lunch, or just discuss things.