The quote excerpted about reunion-mania is why I left the Bob Mould show early at SXSW. I was curious to hear if he had anything new. I saw one of the very first Sugar shows in the US in NY way back when. It remains one of my most memorable shows. I don’t need to see the same show on repeat nearly 20 years later without the veneer of experiences that should change the performance and my understanding of what the lyrics and song might mean now.

As jrichmanesq suggests, the whole interview is great.

How do you think your fans that have followed you since your Hüsker Dü days would react to that?

Maybe it’s time to let them know that, “Hey, I love you, but I want to be free to do what I want to do.” Really, it’s been the last three years. But, I hope Bob knows what he’s getting into with this Sugar reunion. The amount of nostalgia, this midlife crisis. Our older brothers bought Corvettes when they reached 40. Now, people go see a reunited band and yell out the names of 25- to 30-year-old songs, whether that artist is performing them again or not.

Grant Hart has a lot to say about a lot of things, particularly his former bandmates in Husker Du. (via sotc-nyc)

Grant sums up a lot of what I have to say about reunion-mania.  Not that I’m not being kind of hypocritical about it; I’ll be seeing Refused, and I’ll see ATDI whenever they get around to scheduling a NYC date, and I’ll damn sure be there whenever Bob brings Copper Blue up here (I was bummed to miss it during SXSW, but that’s the nature of the beast down there). I went to Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity*10 tour and had a blast. I suppose to me those are about getting to experience songs I never get the chance to hear live anymore rather than actually reliving the original moment.  But I dunno.

I saw Grant down at SXSW, and as he’s wont to be, he was acerbic, irascible, playful and honest all at once.  I actually enjoyed the newer stuff he played better than the “hits”; the Hot Wax material, in particular, translates much better live than it does on record.  I’ll probably see him tomorrow night, if I don’t go to Enter Shikari / letlive, or Marianas Trench instead.

This is a great interview, btw.

(via jrichmanesq)