My Dad Rocks

I received an email from my dad the other day about his entry into the replace the Florida state song contest. Turns out, people were a little tired of Swanee River, originally composed by Stephen Foster. The lyrics are definitely not the most modern, and refer to an antebellum era that doesn't fit the social moires of today.


My dad, after retiring as a Spanish and Italian professor from Rollins College, has begun writing lyrics. He's then partnered with a local jazz combo to play contemporary versions of these songs, for a soft vibe. (I love calling him and hearing him say he can't talk, because he's "in the studio.") Most of his songs are more spiritual in nature, but he does do the odd song here or there of a different bent. He decided to enter this contest and put together some lyrics in both Spanish and English to reflect the culture of Florida.

He sent me this recording of his song, with him singing. I called this morning and asked him how he did the recording and it turns out he's pimped out his Mac as a mini-studio and sang directly into the microphone over the track a friend of his recorded. Way to go! (You have to understand my dad is 73!) Now, his singing is a little off-key, but one of the requirements of the contest is that it can be sung by anyone. I feel that this is it.

Anyway, for your auditory pleasure, I present Cancion Floridiana. Once I have an English language version, I'll post that as well.

Song submissions are due October 1. My Dad is kicking things off. Hats off to you, Poppy!

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