2012 Off to a Busy Start

Wow! I find that all the time I’m spending over on Tumblr, working on the LARC account, means less time here on CarlaBorsoi.com. I’ve got several blog posts about marketing, analytics and research swirling in my head, so I have high hopes for at least a monthly post here.

This year is already in full swing – I’ve got lots of cool research projects on some products in development and further work on ones in preview.

Next week I’ll be chairing the 2nd Consumer Insights in New Delivery Conference in Miami. It is perfect timing as the following weekend finds me in Winter Park for a Rollins College President’s Leadership Council Meeting. While there, it’d be great if there’s a chance to sneak in some time at the radio station.

March brings SXSW and a panel on online identity and resumes. That is being done with the awesome team of Jennifer Jongsma, Kristy Duncan and Kevin Lawver. We’ve been meeting and exchanging a lot of comments already. I’m looking forward to that conversation.  Our panel is Monday morning, so hope you can check it out.

Finally, another side project of mine (along with my lovely husband and our friend Kevin) is the San Francisco Silent Reading Party. We’re having our next event on Feb 9th. Come join us.