Why Daddy Won’t Join Twitter

My lovely 75 year old father was asked to join Twitter by one of his oldest and dearest friends.

This was his response:

Some folks just love to sit and twitter…
It makes their hearts go patter-pitter…
It makes their eyes go all aglitter,
But I will hope you won’t be bitter
If I am not a big committer.
And ’cause I’m choosing to forgit ‘er.
Please don’t think that I’m a quitter
Or a low repulsive critter.
There are lots of folks much fitter…
You could get a baby sitter
Or a famous home run hitter…
Those are folks you might consider.
How about a counterfeiter
Or a German Messerschmitter?
But for me and all that twitter,
For now I say I will omit ‘er.

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